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2020, but Make it Fashion

quarantine fashion women business suit

2020 tried us. Blindsided us, tested us. Dawn to dusk.
Desk to Dusk.
Stripped humanity to its core, exposing us for, all the same that we are -
in conception. in vulnerability. in mortality.


  Because eventually death comes for us all, even legends do fall.
Guarding justice or a ball,
No feat too big or small for the greats to take on.
Bulldoze wall after wall, rewrite history and install
a brick road for the dreamers who dare to follow along.

Alex, give me that Mamba, Wakanda, RBG Strong for two thousand...

Twenty started bumpy, but still somewhat normal.
Then month 3 came around and went hella abnormal,
Borderline paranormal.

A plague permeated so officials dictated, “Mask up, stay home.”
Freedom abdicated. The world stood still for once.
Confined to our bubbles, Worked from home, closed shop, we waited.
Some rebelled & demonstrated when they went uncompensated, begged the economy be resuscitated.


Essential workers so appreciated. But the hunger for normal? Unsated.

The simple things:
The warmth of an embrace with no imminent danger
The unmasked smile of a passing stranger.
Six feet distanced the handshake that sealed the deal.
Drive by birthday parades? Take the wheel!

This couldn’t have been staged.
In our homes we were caged.

Like those babies, mistreated, no parents all alone, not at home.


I can’t breathe with a mask. I can’t breathe, Covid.
The West will rebuild from the forests that were killed.
“I can’t breathe!”

Red or blue, your view is irrelevant when it comes to how some ferociously pursue those of a hue that’s different than me... and maybe even you.
Because the skin that they’re in, is just not a sin.
This transcends party lines. non political, non partisan.
Look closer.
Just another American, with a healthier dose of melanin.

So people took the polls to vote for their goals.
A woman is in the White House.
For the first time ever, from now on and forever every little girl’s endeavors don’t have to be preambled with,
“Will they LET her?”

Red white or blue, no matter your view, for women this is a victory.
Despite their ethnicity, our daughters paths granted a little more simplicity.

We were supposed to be flying cars and walking on Mars,
but we’re still fighting systemic villains like SARS.
Neighbors inflicting generationally-deep wounds & picking at old scars from decades of spars over land that’s lit by the Armenian sky’s stars.
Beirut your spirit was untouched by the chars.

For the rest of our days, we will give God praise
For surviving the year that was infected, defected.

Scratch that.

Maybe this was the year we subjected.
Where we paused & reflected & reconnected to humanity.
It’s not for now to see...
Hindsight is 2020.

mask business casual fashion

Legends Don't Die
RIP to the greats we lost in 2020
like Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Alex Trebek...
women business fashion suits
rbg ruther bader ginsburg black suit
chadwick boseman black panther inspiration
Working from Home style (pants optional)
work from home style office fashion
Drive By Birthday Parades
drive by birthday quarantine sweater dress
ribbed sweater business casual dress
2020 was the year we subjected...
black lives matter plus size cocktail dress
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blm ally fashion sexy cocktail strapless dress
Social Distancing Picnics 
Sanitizer and Toilet Paper - luxury items of 2020
social distancing picnic casual sweater skirt
social distancing picnic fashion

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